ummm butter rum


A while back I sent Giao a kitty in a dress. Miss kitty needed a good home and none could be better than the home of this cool, sweet, inspiring, generous girl! Not only did she adopt my funny flat kitty but she sent me a box of goodies in return. Yummy homemade products including butter rum soy lip balm (how’d she know I was addicted to balm?!), beautiful fabric quarters for my stash and the funniest bunny stuff including Oscar’s new favorite cup! I received this package the same day as a belated birthday present for Oscar arrived. He was tearing at the box as I was opening it, sure that the contents were for the birthday boy. He was so excited when he saw this cup with the removable bunny ears top. He kept taking off and replacing the lid and then putting the cup to his mouth, fake drinking and saying "yummmm". Oscar had never done anything like that before. He’s pulling out all sorts of "I’m a toddler now" tricks these days.



If all that goodness wasn’t enough, she also made me this AWESOME collage’d box out of images from my weblog. Check out Oscar on the snowman body…too funny!


Thank you Giao!! (I’m sending you a little little something along with your Christmas card – no touchbacks!)

3 thoughts on “ummm butter rum

  1. Jennifer in Tokyo says:

    That is TOO cool. The collage box is awesome! I admit I’m touched to see the tanukis doing their little dance on it. 🙂

  2. Giao says:

    Wow, thanks for the great writeup, Hillary! I’m blushing! I love the pics of Oscar carrying that cup around. Plus the story of his yummy fake drinking. Sweet! I still don’t feel it compares to Kitty in a Dress, but I am glad you liked the goodies. =)

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