the internet is my bitch!


Finally!! After years of working for the internet she is now working for me. If it wasn’t for her, Red (990000) wouldn’t have found my site and emailed me asking after a stuffed and I wouldn’t have been able to arrange this amazing trade. One stuffed kitty for his friends’ new baby in exchange for these beautiful (and large and frameable!) prints of his amazing photographs that I love. My photo of his photos is awful (sorry).. but here they are in all their glory…

** Red went and changed all his links so these no longer apply

We’re going to hang this series of people in the musuem in the living room…
here, here, here, here.

And I LOVE this one so much, I think I’ll hang it in my craft room to inspire me.

And then there’s this awesome shot in the rain. Maybe for Oscar’s room? Never too young to start on the good stuff.

Thanks Red!!

6 thoughts on “the internet is my bitch!

  1. patricia says:

    your kitty is the bomb! if you wanna swap with me for anything i’m always game — i do knits and jewelry at the minute and also have lots of beads and vintage fabrics…

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