What do I do when the projects are piling up, the Christmas cards are unaddressed and nothing has been baked.. make snowmen of course. Unauthorized projects are my downfall. I spied little snowmen like these on one of Kitty’s Oriental Craft Shop‘s listings and had to give them a try. They’re made from cheap gloves, scraps of flannel and tweed, a shiny bead bracelet I had, some floss and a little blusher. I love them.

Unfortunately even their sweet little faces aren’t making me any less of a stressball today. If my maillady doesn’t deliver my long awaited goods yet again today my outgoing packages will be sitting here another day and I’ll be another day closer to crazy. Probably wouldn’t bother me so much except that Oscar is pushing me closer to the brink by refusing to sit still for a Christmas card photo and by choosing this week to give up on sleep altogether.

These things cheer me up though… tiny orange making via Kottke and Loobylu’s friend Christina’s Christmas village.. it reminds me of our HO scale Christmasland which unfortunately has to live in the attic until Oscar is old enough not to trample it.. 15?

11 thoughts on “Snowmen

  1. dawn says:

    Oh, Hillary – those little snowmen are so adorable! I know just how you are feeling these days. I luckily got my last two parcels out yesterday and once again paid extra postage to make sure they all arrive in Canada on time. Every year I swear I’ll get things done earlier… Now, on to decorating, Christmas cards, etc. etc. or maybe finish my decoration for month of softies…

  2. carolyn says:

    i love that you refer to them as an “unauthorized project.” so assume you will not make KIP tomorrow night? i will definitely be there (ha you’ve heard that before haven’t you! but i really mean it this time) but i understand that some actual authorized projects may keep you away. 🙂

  3. mochi says:

    Love the snowmen gang!! Add me to the unauthorized project club. I’ve already been sidetracked by three
    different projects this season. And the snowmen are so adorable, hmmm, maybe I could make just a few…

  4. sunni says:

    oh I just love all the little snowmen! at least your UPs (unauthorized projects!) always turn out so darn cute that you can’t ever be too upset that they’ve taken you off course. right? right!

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