One Year Old!

Oscar eats his cake with a spoon…who knew!


If I was more of a writer I’d compose a nice long clever newsletter  to Oscar for his one year birthday. But I’m not so… I’ll just fess up about how I totally punked out on all my ambitious birthday celebration plans. How I ordered a cake at the bakery (after trying and failing to make the pretty martha stewart one). And how I didn’t invite everyone over to my house (because then I’d have to clean) and instead had a small get together at my parents’ house. And how I bought a party platter at Quiznos, paper plates at Kmart and shabbily hung a few streamers. I guess that’s the kind of Mom I’m shaking out to be. It’s just too hard so close to Christmas. I’m already terrified of all the invite-the-whole-class birthday spectaculars I’m going to be throwing smack dab in the middle of holiday craziness for the next dozen years (13 he’s a man right?). I think maybe he needs a new birthday. A nice Spring birthday! He’ll be none the wiser…

Here’s my sweet pea petunia face pumpkin butt one year ago today. This reminiscing and the visit to the pediatrician today – where they not only gave him shots but took blood! – have left me weepy. Time to retire to my soft socks and paper Christmas decorating.




16 thoughts on “One Year Old!

  1. brit says:

    I think our pumpkin butts came home in that same pink and blue striped hospital hat. I’ve been reading Dooce’s newsletters too as Mr. Moo is about 13 days younger than Leta and I’m struggling to keep a journal, let alone right a newsletter….

  2. Giao says:

    Happy Birthday to Oscar Pumkin Butt Petunia Bottom Cutie Wutie little man!
    You are a super mom, and I am sure Oscar is totally wise to that. No one ever said time savers were a bad thing, did they?

  3. mochi says:

    Happy 1st Birthday Oscar! Giao is right you have a super mom!
    Last year we had a huge birthday bash for my son and I was up all night preparing and exhausted. This year we had a small party at Chuck E. Cheese and I did no prep whatsoever. My son had a blast at both parties and is happy as long as there is cake, but I still feel guilty about it… His birthday is also too close to the holidays, a Spring birthday would definately be nice!

  4. sunni says:

    Happy First Birthday Oscar cutie man! You will see when you grow up that you have an amazing SUPER MOM and how she surrounded you with so much love through her handmade wees and heartfelt decorations for all holidays and festivities. A lucky boy you are, and so darn cute too!

  5. Cinnamon says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Oscar! Don’t blame you for taking the easier way out. You’re human and you’ll make that beautiful cake some other time when you can all enjoy it more. Hugs to you on being a mom for a whole year.

  6. michelle says:

    happy 1st birthday to your little cutie pie oscar! i have a little 6month old baby boy, i will be sad when he turns one. one thing that everyone told that me is so true – they grow up way too fast.

  7. naomi says:

    You are a fantastic Mum! That comes through so much in your blog, and Oscar is so gorgeous. I think you should take the time savers and be a blissed out Mum rather than try and do it all and be frazzled. It has taken me a long time to learn to give myself at least an extra half hour for any activity, and to also do only one or two projects at a time rather than five or six!
    My fiance has his birthday on December 23rd, and he has often said he would love a summer party- so this year (he does not know it though) he is going to have a surprise UNbirthday party, 6 months after his actual party! Perhaps Oscar could have an unbirthday each year too, and that way you would not have to throw a party at such a busy time?

  8. Cindy says:

    Happy B-day Oscar!
    Don’t start the whole class party thing. I never did and my kids never lacked socially. I also didn’t always allow them to go to every party they got invited to. Kid parties have gotten way out of control.

  9. hillary says:

    thanks everybody!! I feel much better about the store bought cake. You’re right it’s much better for everyone involved if I’m not all stressed out and yelling swears at a teal cake. In the end it’s all sugar to Oscar.
    Cindy – right on! You’re my hero. It seems like you’d have to skip some parties, every kid in a huge class, you’d be at a birthday party every weekend. Really how much bad chuck e cheese pizza can one person consume?

  10. elaine says:

    december birthdays are a challenge, no doubt about that. my daughter will turn 3 this friday and i made a vow when she was born to make an effort to try and keep her birthday and christmas as separate events. period. it is a little trying but we’ve managed with a few adjustments. for example, we now send out new years cards rather than holiday cards. it’s just too much to get them out BEFORE the holidays.

  11. melissa says:

    Happy Birthday to your sweet son…I have a five year old boy who has a summer birthday, and, in the beginning I found myself getting all caught up in having the family over to a Martha Stewartish celebration. More times than not, I ended up in the kitchen making dinner and not enjoying my baby. I finally got wise and said cake and ice cream and presents and my boy and that’s all! We still had a great time.
    Also, my nephew has a Feb birthday and it seemed that every year he was sick or it snowed a ton or something just went wrong. My birthday is in Aug and we decided one year that it would be nice to share my birthday with him…that is one of the most memorable.
    Be encouraged…sometimes improvising can be a lot of fun.
    Love your blog, by the way…

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