I swear my husband and I are not related


Although we do have so many things in common you’d think we were blood relatives. For example, we share the same brain. This has been proven by the fact that if it is in use by one of us, the other is out of luck. We also share the same immune system and memory. Just a coincidence? And then there’s the fact that the baby looks exactly like both Tim and I. How is that possible?! But probably our biggest shared trait is our propensity towards taking on overambitious craft/hobby projects that make our peers think we’re insane. This is his brainchild, spurred on by a lifesized vintage wooden cutout santa we passed on at an antique store once. He copied the Santa from a gift tag and drew some little penguin fellows to match. They’re made out of plywood which we cut on my father’s jigsaw. Then we brought them home and Tim painted them, came up with a way to attach them to the porch and then set up spotlights to shine on them.

Aren’t they the coolest?! Take that, lighted wreath next door!

Here it is at night…


14 thoughts on “I swear my husband and I are not related

  1. Lori says:

    Those ARE the coolest! I really love them! If I could find something as cool as they are for sale (’cause I know I’m not as talented to make them as you are), I’d put them in my yard even though my husband abhors decorating the yard for Christmas. My neighborhood is filled with animatronic “deer” and “polar bears”, inflatable Santas, snowmen, and general blinking light Xmas crap.

  2. mochi says:

    A vintage Santa and penguins – love it!! They are too cool! And your husband was able to draw up the penguins to match? Amazing!

  3. Katy. says:

    I’ve never been much on the yard decorating, due to the above-mentioned inflatating and animating and blinking.. but if I had something like this to decorate with I’d deck out my yard with the best of them! Those are great. 🙂

  4. ninni says:

    The coolest and the cutest Christmas decoration I have seen in a LONG time!
    (I’m sure he could sell these…). Thanks for the pics and love your blog :o)
    ninni (in France)

  5. MRK says:

    I love them. I want them. Send them to me now.
    *ahem* Sorry. Just a little of the holiday commercialism getting to me. Honestly, though, you two should think about cutting some up and selling them for next year. I’d pony up more than a few bucks to have those sitting out on my porch. The last time I touched a jigsaw, I didn’t even finish the puzzle.

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