Holiday Hang-Up



Still feeling sentimental about Oscar’s 1st birthday I made this little polar bear ornament out of his Christmas sleeper from last year. (yes, it’s for you Grandma) Seems an appropriate submission for Loobylu’s December Month of Softies.


6 thoughts on “Holiday Hang-Up

  1. brit says:

    Dang that’s cute! It just so happens I’m looking for a polar bear pattern, because I am so not getting that polar bear quilt done by christmas….are you sharing?

  2. jennybee says:

    So cute, what a wonderful, sentimental addition to your tree. When my babies were too old for their crib mobile, I cut off the little figures and made them into ornaments for our tree. They create some of my favorite memories, seeing them there among the branches. What a great idea to use your babies sleeper. Sweet!

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