flag garland

Turns out Oscar and paper snowflakes on the tree don’t mix. He kept tearing them off, roughing them up and then looking at me for approval while he gently laid them back on a branch all beaten and torn. So I was brainstorming for something more babyproof. The awesome German fabric that Kate sent me + this idea I saw on mypapercrane + Oscar napping for a total of 4! hours yesterday = my new flag garland for the tree. I love it!


I’ve also discovered some other German Christmas wonderfulness… candy!

Got to get me some of these chocolate shooting stars

and definitely these fondant stars with egg yolk in the middle (have to play the I love eggs song now)

13 thoughts on “flag garland

  1. sunni says:

    Hillary I just love the little flag garland so much I might make one for my tree too! 🙂
    Kinder eggs! Mochi I love them too! I brought a few back from my Thanksgiving trip to Belgium for my neighbor’s daughter, but I had to keep some for myself as well!

  2. ljc says:

    Love the flags. Last year I made a felt “paper” chain for my tree, cause I was tired of my garland coming out of the box all rumply every year. That would be pretty Oscar-proof too.

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