Christkindlmarket Chicago


We went down to Daley plaza this weekend to check out their Christkindlmarket. Our first Christmas outing and Oscar’s first trip on the El. After a little worrying he decided the train was ok and we had no problems there. We did have problems with none of the train stations having elevators. Had to take Oscar out of the stroller, break it down, climb up/down stairs. Next time we’ll know which stations to go to. And bring an umbrella!


The market had tents set up with shops inside. We only made it into 3 tents because of course Oscar was a wiggly worm and we had to take him outside so he could push the stroller around (and into people). We finally calmed him down with a bottle and a potato pancake. So, ornament shopping – bad, greasy fried potatoes – good! We also hit Marshall Fields to check out the window displays. They were not worth the trip across the street. No trains, no toys, boring!

The best shop at the market was the first one we went into (and the one where Oscar fussed the most!), Kathe Wohlfahrt. They had all the great wooden ornaments I’ve been drooling over online. And their tent was all dark and had Christmas lights hung up along the ceiling to look like stars. Tim snapped some photos before they nixed him.



This is where we bought the one ornament we got (such restraint). A little elf girl on a puff! so cute!!


We have her hanging on the fake tabletop tree we bought for our bedroom so we could hang at least some of our ornaments out of Oscar’s reach. More pictures of the faker here…






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