Balancing Monkeys

(nice! I spelled monkeys wrong the first time. this is what happens when your proofreading husband is in an early meeting and can’t check your post!)

Yesterday I was feeling so overwhelmed and stressed about projects and Christmas and birthdays. I was very tempted to "cancel Christmas due to lack of interest" (my Dad’s favorite line). Instead I pushed through and managed to get so much accomplished that today I’m feeling great!

First I sorted out a bunch of baby stuff to be stored away in the basement. This included taking the baby toys out of the toy box to make way for all the incoming Christmas booty. Speaking of which my order from UToypia came yesterday. Toys like this and this make me so happy we had a boy! Other than cleaning and organizing I got the tree lights up and quite a few snowflakes cut out and hung up on the tree and around the apartment. They look great and now I’m all excited about our plan again. So excited that I’m thinking Christmas party! And finally, I finished piecing together the quilt last night! I only had a few rows done and managed to finish the whole thing in one sitting. That’s dedication. Of course, it is just squares so the piecing wasn’t all that hard. But most of the fabrics are stretchy jerseys and that turned out to be quite a pain when matching everything up. Now it’s ready to baste together and maybe I can do all the quilting tonight.

Now that I’ve made a dent in my list I feel like I just might be able to get everything done, including making another one of these, and these, and some zippered & maybe embroidered pouches, a few scarves, a felt purse and some other miscellaneous toys. Oh and baking! Cookies and bark and a gingerbread house. uh oh, now I’m starting to freak myself out again. Must look at the soothing balancing monkeys (I’d done it twice! thanks mom) that came from the toy store yesterday. I know they’re for 3+ but I could not resist them!


I think I’m going to have to nap it with Oscar this morning to recuperate. Especially since after staying up late to sew, I got sucked into staying up even later looking at everyone’s fabulous elephants!

10 thoughts on “Balancing Monkeys

  1. dawn says:

    You are so good to get so much done! I had the whole afternoon yesterday to tidy, shop, decorate or whatever and all I managed to do was drink tea and read my book. Sigh. It was great, just what I needed! Aren’t all the elephants gorgeous? I’m so pleased for Claire that she had such a nice response!

  2. Giao says:

    Hillary, you are such a crafting dynamo that I could totally understand feeling a bit burnt out. You produce like almost no one else I know, woman! You are a superstar. And you will get through your list, I’m sure!
    Super cutie toy links…makes me almost rethink wanting a little girl!

  3. Mariko says:

    You put the rest of us to shame, miss super productive! I am hoping to make it to the post office today or tomorrow, cuz I have a little something to send to you!!!

  4. mochi says:

    I love the phrase, “finish the whole thing in one sitting”. This is definately my motto when it comes to projects! Of course my house is full of now neglected projects that were not finished in one sitting, or a second, third or fourth sitting… Looking forward to seeing a pic of the quilt.

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