a few projects

I’ve been wanting a hat like Gwyneth Paltrow wore in Sky Captain, a creamy knit hat with a huge bulky brim  – of course I can’t find a photo anywhere. But I did find my size 13 circular needle in my Mom’s sofa so I knit this over Christmas.


And here’s the pouch I owed my sister… finally got my zippers on the 23rd. (thanks, lame usps – the upside is super nice Sheri at fabricsunlimited sent me a replacement package which arrived today. so now I have an excuse to buy twice as many!)



And finally, I wanted to play with my new sashiko needles and thread so I made this little drawstring pouch for the cutie beaded hair clips Santa brought me.


14 thoughts on “a few projects

  1. hannah says:

    im so glad you had a good holiday! doesnt it feel wonderful to be moving on though?? i am so pumped to start working on eliots birthday party! and i got my sewing maching and digital camera for christmas, watch out blogging world, here i come!
    i love the pouches! would it be possible for you to email me some tutorials? i plan on practicing on a couple of pillowcases from marikos blog.

  2. patricia says:

    sigh — i love your pouches — and that pic of oscar in his pj’s was the sweetest — i just love ’em when they’re still at that little 1 y.o. bundle age…

  3. trudie says:

    no that it matters too much now, but i think i found a tiny picture for you (i was curious because i hadn’t seen it yet…) if you go to the skycaptain website http://www.skycaptain.com/index.php and click on ‘change theme’ down at the bottom, pick the nepal theme–there’s a small picture on the upper left side of the hat. it took me a while to find what you were talking about…. 🙂
    i love all of your projects–thank you so much for sharing and inspiring!

  4. thuy says:

    i totally noticed that hat when i saw sky captain, too. what kind of yarn did you use? now all we need is a picture of you wearing the hat. 🙂

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