Weekend Fun

We had a great time yesterday at the DIY Trunk Show. The Pulaski Park Auditorium is such an amazing space! It was like being in a church of craft.

It was super to meet everybody and look at all the cool stuff. Well, the stuff I could get to. I realized my problem at these craft fairs. I’m no good at pushing my way up to the front to see things. Also I want to sit there for 30 minutes in each booth carefully inspecting and oohing and ahhing over every thing. The stroller is especially hindering my butting in capability. Next year I think I’ll sign up to have a booth just so I can spend the whole day at the fair and see everything!

After the craft show we drove my sister back to her apartment up north and took advantage of finding ourselves in our old neighborhood by visiting one of our favorite stores, Hazel. They have the most beautiful things. The guy who owns the store has the best taste! They had the most amazing, super soft embroidered scarf that inspired me to actually pick up my knitting needles again when we got home. Unfortunately, the wonky, scratchy, ill fitting hat I made for Oscar didn’t really satisfy. They also had these gorgeous beaded flower pins and evening bags by Lisa Toland. The pins reminded me of prada pins I’ve been coveting. I could only find these two online. Her site is under construction but I’ve bookmarked it.

Here’s what we got at Hazel.. some more cool paper (this is where we got that other paper), this amazing Santa wrapping paper and yes, more Christmas cards!



And to cap off a wonderful day we stopped at Pho Hoa to get an order of take out soup. Yum!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. Giao says:

    It was so great to meet you and Oscar and Tim over the weekend! Like meeting a legend.
    Thanks for all the linky fun! I love checking out your Chicago recommendations! We usually have pho at Thai Binh. We’ll have to try Pho Hpa next time!

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