the snow


The snow did come on Wednesday and it was beautiful! I guess because it was so windy and because it was rain turning into snow, the snow managed to delicately cover every little berry and leaf. It looked like someone took a huge can of spray snow to Chicago and flocked it!
Good thing I finished my earwarmer in the nick of time!



Now it is all rainy and the snow is melted and gone and it’s dreary. bah. I was happy to see this package from Cat on my doorstep yesterday. Mail always does the trick of cheering me up. There were many cute fabric bits to show but these polka dots are the most festive! And here’s the cool handmade paper flower and card she enclosed. Thank you Cat!!


6 thoughts on “the snow

  1. Giao says:

    I loved how the snow looked the day after the storm! It did waylay our travel plans for the night (we traveled on Turkey Day instead), but it was worth it to stay and see the loveliness of the white branches and yards!
    I love the earwarmers too. Cute!

  2. hillary says:

    um nope, it’s leaves and stems, you know to go with the flowers. As the mother of a run-you-ragged 1 year old I try to stay as far away from sperm as possible!

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