the lure of the tiny bear


Like everyone else I have Jennifer Murphy fever and after seeing her pincushion menagerie in Home Companion I felt compelled to set aside all my projects to try to make a tiny bear sewing buddy for myself. This funny little bear is what I came up with. She only has one flowered paw pad because I can’t decide if I should bother finishing her. The pincushion I made for her to sit on turned out too small. Or actually, the bear is too big. She does fit nicely in the hello kitty rice bowl however. Oh well, I’ll have to try another one soon. I really like handsewing little bears. It’s very relaxing, like knitting. Much better than the backache I get from sitting at the sewing machine. And speaking of, it’s time to get back on track. I’m working on Oscar’s birthday quilt that I made from his baby clothes. All my squares are cut out and it’s time to get sewing. 2 weeks til 1 year! Also I’m knitting a neckwarmer with a flower on it from the new SNB Nation for my Pinku flower swap partner Mim in the Netherlands. And I’ve started a few other knitting projects, another hat for Oscar that will hopefully turn out well. And a cableknit hat for myself.  But first a certain kitty… I’ve negotiated myself another excellent trade 🙂

5 thoughts on “the lure of the tiny bear

  1. mochi says:

    Love the bear! She looks so soft and cuddly. I also like that she only has one flowered paw pad, it makes her even more endearing. You must live in a world that has 48 hours in a day to be able to whip out such fabulous things! I think there must be only 12 hours in mine.

  2. dawn says:

    I love her! She is so adorable. Now I must ask, did you whip stitch then turn her right side out? I bought some purple wool felt fur to make my daughter a kitten and can’t decide which way to sew it…

  3. trudie says:

    i love all of your creations! i’ve been wanting to make my son a quilt from all of his baby clothes as well (he’s 3, now–where does the time go?) i can’t wait to see what yours looks like–the idea just popped into my head one day, i’ve never actually seen one. i’m just not quite sure how i want to go about it. assuming, of course, i can open up the box of clothes without having a meltdown!

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