staying put

we have little choice but to stay and fight!!

every democrat should read George Lakoff and we’ll FRAME THE SHIT OUT OF THEM in 2008!

until then I’m going to work on my army of wee. look for a little something how-to in the upcoming days.

for today, a little kitty I made on election day, when life was full of promise and polka dot bows.


10 thoughts on “staying put

  1. Pam says:

    she is soo pretty! i think you should make tons of stuffies and sell them, lol i’m being sneeky and trying to find a way to get a wee wonderfuls originial, i would definatly buy one 🙂

  2. carolyn says:

    are you using that filling you mentioned before cluster stuff or whatever on all of these. if you are going to your “supplier” of it in the near future, maybe i can get you to pick me up some… i’ll pay for it of course 🙂 i just don’t think there’s any place i can get to to get it (i have no car)

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