something pretty on a stressful day


Happy Lucky Me!! Look what I received in the mail yesterday from Tokyo. Everyone thought Jennifer was the lucky one but it is me!




Thank you so much Jennifer! You did such a wonderful job of picking fabrics. Must be the whole kindred spirit-west suburban-librarian thing we’ve got going on 🙂

14 thoughts on “something pretty on a stressful day

  1. Jennifer says:

    Yes, I’ve been discovered, it’s Moving Hands me, who abruptly stopped blogging last March! 🙂 Glad the fabrics are a hit! As for those buttons, there were about 15 different kinds of leaves, acorns, other designs, etc. in that particular line. I didn’t know what to get! If anyone wants to take a fabric tour of Tokyo, I could fill your calendar for days. Ha ha.

  2. sunni says:

    oh lucky lucky you Hillary! can’t wait to see what you create with all that great fabric.
    thanks carolyn for the loubylu link, i’m definitely going to attempt an elephant!

  3. monica says:

    wow! what happy fabric! you are such a lucky girl, but so deserving for creating such coolness from such fabrics. yeah for you!

  4. hillary says:

    Oh my god. I am going to kill you and assume your identity just so I can have that critter fabric. It won’t be hard because my name is already Hillary! Watch out!

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