New Design

Tim made me a new layout for Winter. I love it so much! Makes me happy and puts me in a great holiday mood. Helps me ignore the fact that there is absolutely no snow left outside and it’s raining.

Oscar’s birthday party is going to be at Grandma’s house so it’s safe to start decorating for Christmas around here. Time to get cutting for our paper christmas. We need about a gazillion snowflakes, some paper garlands, wreaths, etc. Our reference material arrived last week (Elf DVD) & I have a stack of Christmas magazines to go through. Here are some of Martha‘s instructions for paper snowflakes…

I hope this turns out well. It was heartbreaking to unpack the Christmas boxes and leave all the ornaments behind.

10 thoughts on “New Design

  1. brit says:

    I really like your new layout! Very wintery. And I watched Elf this weekend too! What a great idea to do paper decorations. I’ve been struggling with trying to figure out what to do now that my little guy is so mobile!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Very pretty new design! I’m going to try some origami paper snowflakes now. I need to get to Itoya for a few more Christmas cards, and maybe more fun papers. (“Itoya: There are approximately 10,000 domestic and imported items of stationery available here. Many items are located on the basement floor, and even more items can be found on floors 1-8 of this store.”) Eight floors of paper…you really should visit someday, with multiple empty suitcases.

  3. Lisa says:

    I’m visiting this blog thanks to Loobylu, and I have to add that it’s really inspiring me to create something after looking over all the great projects you’ve completed!
    As far as paper decorations for Christmas, why not cut out some Hawaiian quilt patterns or kirigami?

  4. hillary says:

    To anyone who can’t see the new design, most likely the old one is stuck in your browser’s cache. Clear that out and you should be good to go.
    Carolyn, I know… that Jen is a temptress!
    Laura and Lisa – thanks for the Kirigami tip. It reminded me that last year I got a fold and cut-a-day kirigami calendar for Christmas. All sorts of great patterns in there! Now I just need a workshop full of elves cutting all this stuff out for me!!
    mp – thanks for the link, neat article. I love the stuff at modern seed!

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