National Children’s Book Week

My Winnie the Pooh calendar informs me it is National Children’s Book Week. Ok! Here’s a fantastic book I found last week. I was so overtly excited about it at the library. I think the other moms think I’m a weirdo. But look.. it’s about Owls! And it’s by Pat Hutchins of Rosie’s Walk fame.

Good-night, Owl!





7 thoughts on “National Children’s Book Week

  1. Heidi says:

    I have a little collection of Children’s Book Week posters that goes back to the 1930s. They are really cool because each features a children’s book illustrator who was popular at the time.
    Someday I will be able to afford to have them all framed. Wouldn’t that be a good way to decorate a child’s bedroom?

  2. brit says:

    I loved that book! I like owls too, I have a cute pieced pattern for a little gal I know who is a Harry Potter fevered fan!
    I went to a great children’s shop this weekend. With muy cute stuff…..she had the Polite Elephant…I got so excited, I’m sure she thought I was a major weirdo, I was in the corner reading the book to Mr. Moo instead of shopping.

  3. naomi says:

    …And Owl Tried To Sleep! Oh how I loved that book- I had never realised how delightfully vintage the illustrations are until now seeing it on your lovely lovely webpage!
    I am not sure if we have a childrens book week in the UK..but there is this WONDERFUL webpage I have found, full of beautiful bookplates to print out and use to personalise such wonderful books…
    ps so lovely to get your email- sorry not replied yet. I am an almost librarian more in that I work in and love libraries than being at library school- where I live they have abolished librarians from libraries! But I am very much a librarian at heart!
    And I love the beautiful things that you make- I really love vintage style things. I wish K-Mart shipped that wonderful gift wrap you found to the UK! And I do agree, we do need more cute, so I am going to have a go at making my own wee wonderful on my next free weekend!
    Seems a wonderful way to celebrate childrens book week to me!

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