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The library emailed me yesterday to say they had a copy of Color Harmony for Quilts by the FunQuilts couple (Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr – how cool of a name is Weeks!) on hold for me. In desperate need of some inspiration I got Oscar dressed and headed out beyond the safety of my block.

Here’s some wonderfulness from the Funquilts book… I hope I’m able to take their beginning quiltmaking class when they offer it.



I also checked out this book, Rennie Mackintosh Inspirations in Embroidery by Dorothy Wood. I was lured in by the beautiful bright pink color. It has gorgeous photographs but I didn’t find as much inspiration in there as I was thinking I would. Although I do love these “seed heads and other organic forms”. They look like aliens.


The third quilting book I got at the library, Japanese Quilts by Jill Liddell & Yuko Watanabe, is my crafting salvation. I’m so inspired by all the beautiful quilts in there. The colors and designs. I’m re-energized. I’m going to head out today on one of my favorite field trips, the thrift store. Maybe I’ll even go to the fabric store. And then tonight I’m going to finish one or more of the projects I’ve heavy heartedly started over the past few days and just abandoned.
look how pretty…
Late Fall by Junko Okuyama. Can you imagine trying to piece this together! I love the feeling of motion. I am so awful with perspective, I’m totally awed by this.


Autumn Leaves by Emiko Kosei. Notice a theme here? I love the branch and star leaf design and the colors – how some leaves are all one fabric and others are mixed. And then the circle quilting pattern between the leaves. so good.


Morning Mist by Kumiko Miura. She says, “I love the subtle stripes of so many of our traditional fabrics, so I visited our local textile mill and brought striped aizu cotton (used for everyday kimono) to mix with my other cottons to try and create the chevron effect of young leaves.” It’d be cool to try something similar with the striped yarn dyes found in our quilt shops.


Clouds over Pine Tees by Sanae hatori and Etsuko Kawamura. Very traditional Japanese design.. except for the gold lame!


Doll’s Festival by Rieko Hattori. This miniature quilt is 14″ x 14″. Dolls and peach blossoms – of course I love it!


And finally, Late Autumn by Nobuko Kamata. A grandmother’s flower garden which I love. Cool big hexagons with all those intricate borders inside. Amazing! And the quilted floral centers. I’d love to try a quilt like this.



14 thoughts on “Library Books

  1. Kathleen says:

    lovely post…..
    I adore quilts, there is so much patience and creativity put into them. I used to have a fabulous book called East Meets West, about Japanese influence in American quilting. I wish I could remember the author.

  2. brit says:

    Wow that Autumn Leaves by Emiko Kosei is inspiring. I love stars (I know because my stash holds many star fabrics) and fall (also tipped off by the stash on this one). That was really beautiful.
    The first quiltmaking class I took was based on the book Quilts Quilts Quilts
    which is a very simple guide to making a lot of basic blocks and it is now daunting in anyway. I started with a Grandmother’s flower pattern variation as well, and I’m surprised I ever got into quilting!
    Good luck and I love Oscar’s shirt!

  3. susan says:

    wondeful post – thanks for sharing these! i especially love the funquilt featured first. those colors! plus the circular quilting pattern – wow.

  4. Jennifer says:

    That Funquilts book is one of my favorites–I’ve kept my copy on the nightstand for bedtime reading for a long time! Too bad I live too far away to visit their studio. Sanae Hattori had a huge retrospective exhibition here in Tokyo a couple of months ago. It was AMAZING…she combines silks and cottons and very intricate quilting designs in her pieces. One of her “secrets” is that she designs everything, but has her own “quilting bee” of workers who piece and quilt the projects.

  5. Monica says:

    I think I may have to change the listing of the link to your website to “danger! happy things you MUST have”, instead of Wee Wonderfuls! I had checked out the Mackintosh book from the San Francisco library when I used to live there and have been unable to find it/remember the name since. So a HUGE thank you for posting it, as it enabled me to order it!! eeee! so happy!! thank ya,thank ya!
    Also, the quilt under the “Festive” heading is almost the same colors as the quilt I’m working on (but mine is with a distorted New York Beauty pattern), so very cool and such an incentive to get crackin’ on the thing!
    thanks again so very much!!

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