I almost forgot


I was so blue earlier this week I totally forgot that I went to the quilt shops on Halloween…


p.s. Tim participated in illustration Friday this week. take a peek. I love it! and what amazes me is how fast he can churn these things out when he puts his mind to it. now that I know this I must go add tasks to his art to-do list!

2 thoughts on “I almost forgot

  1. Jennifer says:

    Pretty fabrics!! I’m in the process of pre-baby closet organization, and my fabric collection is just a teeny bit out of control. Darned Tokyo fabric shops! Your husband designed your blog layout, right? Lucky!

  2. Giao says:

    You and your hubby are so artfully talented. What a blessing! Especially because Oscar has a good chance of being one artsy dude himself. Hooray!
    I love your fabric finds. I am especially smitten with the elfin/fairy/sprite print. So magical!

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