help me Obama you’re my only hope!

**edited to remove blue language and extreme reactions 🙂 **

While I’m no Mary Poppins I must snap out of this! I’ve been living in my head all morning… crying for my country, worrying about the senate and the supreme court, worrying worrying worrying. It’s not really conducive to good parenting. Oscar is wondering why I’ve barely spoken 2 words today except to mutter swears. So I’m turning off the tv, thanking my lucky stars I live in a blue state (for what that’s worth), tunneling down to my happy place and I’m going to try to kill it with cute.


and the only politician I’m going to think about today is Barack Obama.

"Hope in the face of difficulty, hope in the face of uncertainty, the audacity of hope."

Here he is with our friends Donna, Denise and Di. Lucky girls! 🙂


(oh and thank you Dooce for my first laugh of the day!)

12 thoughts on “help me Obama you’re my only hope!

  1. dawn says:

    As a Canadian living in Seattle I couldn’t vote, but I could express an opinion so posted my “Kerry Edwards” sign… sigh. I really can’t believe what has happened and am so sad about what will happen in the next four years. I keep thinking that working on my elephant for Loobylu’s month of softies had something to do with the outcome and feel so guilty – should have been making a little donkey.

  2. mariko says:

    Yes, I’m staying inside my house today! Though I live in a blue state, the town in which I live is red, so very red. I am feeling rather depressed and lost and hopeless. Maybe I should bake something? Congrats on Obama.

  3. Giao says:

    I’m thankful we were a blue state and Obama is the little light shining on this dark and dreary day (why is the sun shining?!).
    I got your Kitty in a Dress when all our held mail was delivered yesterday. She is DIVINE and so squishy! I want to tuck her under my arm and carry her around with me everywhere. You’re a crafting genius. Remember that!

  4. claire says:

    Dawn ! Phil told me this morning that he just realised that the elephant is the symbol for the republicans. Being an Australian I had absolutely no idea… but it’s like some terrible terrible joke. Just yesterday I was saying to my dad “what can we do to send out energy to make the good guys win?” and instead I might have actually been doing the opposite! Sob!

  5. violetismycolor says:

    It is a sad day and I have been very down. But my poor hubby was running the ‘Vets for Kerry’ organization here in Oregon (blue state, blue town, yay) and he is just a mess!
    I am very worried about where our country is going. But I am cheered by all the bloggers out there that feel like me. At least I am not alone.

  6. Brandy says:

    We are not alone. I had to hunker down – only talked to three people. Two clients and one friend. We are all devastated.
    Definitely trying to figure out how to fit into and be a good citizen in a country where I think 51% of the population is insane, and our leadership disgusts me.
    Just making beautiful things at the moment – trying to hang on.

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