Final Day of NCBW


Beegu by Alexis Deacon

"Beegu is not supposed to be here. She is lost. She is a friendly little alien, but Earth creatures don’t seem very welcoming at all. Not the big ones, anyway…"

It is very hard for me not to put up a photo of every single page. I just love this book. The beegu is so adorable and she breaks my heart with those long expressive ears.






And in other "I’m so happy — it’s so cute!" news, this link to I love egg from Jenn. They look like the wees! I totally have to make a little wee-egg bear and one in a scarf, etc. Come into my tummy oh so very yummy!

10 thoughts on “Final Day of NCBW

  1. mochi says:

    Thanks for the wonderful week of books! I’m going to have to look for
    Beegu next time I’m at the bookstore.

  2. Sharyn says:

    I love that Beegu book so much, I’ve been keeping it out of my little man’s reach. Don’t want him to destroy it, so for the time being I read it to him and put it back up on the shelf afterwards. I’m kicking myself for not buying two (or more), as I picked up our copy 75% off at the Walker Art Museum’s sale (just before they shut down for remodeling). Doh.
    Love the iloveeggs too. You post the best stuff!

  3. rosa says:

    Everytime you post pictures of a book I say to myself – I *must* have this one!
    I just LOVE the illustrations on this one.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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