dancing in my head


Today we made our annual trip to Kmart to check out the Martha Stewart Christmas stuff. Found some fantastic vintage inspired wrapping papers and gift bags…



Now I’m definitely in a holiday mood. Time to get out the paper and scissors and make some snowflakes! And even though this is a no-regular-ornaments year doesn’t mean I don’t still desperately need this bunny and squirrel for future trees. And I definitely need these cool totem…

and maybe some sparkly Cody Foster yumminess…

5 thoughts on “dancing in my head

  1. sunni says:

    ok i may need to get those buri animal ornaments you linked to! last year my tree theme was wildlife (b/c I had been volunteering at a wildlife rehab center) and i think i’m doing a repeat this year because it was so cute.

  2. Melanie says:

    I also made the annual Kmart/Martha trip this weekend. I think I may need to go back, it didn’t seem like everything was out yet. I love the wrapping paper you chose.

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