creature from Japan


This guy was inspired by the cool tenugui fabric Jen sent me…

In other stuffed news, my accesorized elephant is almost done. She just needs some finishing touches. Once I finally gave up on trying to make rollerskates things moved along quickly. I really wanted to do an 80s rollerdisco elephant but it wasn’t in the cards. In the planning stage… Oscar’s bunny. It is going to be so CUTE! I’ll have to post pics of my inspiration and fabrics. And cut out and ready to sew up… Big Head Kitty headed for NYC.

10 thoughts on “creature from Japan

  1. dawn says:

    I love your new stuffie thing – so cute, the fabrics that you used are perfect! I made two roller skates and ran out of buttons (apparently multiplication isn’t my strong suit) so opted for a party hat. My daughter stole the roller skates for her elephant so they have not gone to waste.

  2. mochi says:

    I love your latest creation! The animal on the fabric appears to be a tanuki or Japanese racoon. Tanuki’s are considered to be magical mischievous creatures that play tricks on people.
    Waiting not so patiently for pics of your accessorized elephant!

  3. hillary says:

    Right! the Tanuki…the peculiarly mischievous creature taking all sorts of disguises to waylay, deceive or annoy travelers. ha! I’m going to have to take my tanuki out to the stop sign at the corner and wave it at cars.
    I forgot to take a close up of the fabric I used.. it’s here in the fabric gallery
    It was something from the thrift store. A kid’s shirt maybe? pj top? I just love it so much. I had it set aside for a bear but when I saw the tanuki tenugui I knew that was it’s destiny.

  4. mochi says:

    I just looked at the fabric they
    have at Kamawanu. All that tenugui
    fabric!! I am quite jealous. I
    especially love the saru. Thanks for
    posting the link.

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