Oh how I wish I was in Nuremberg right now for their huge annual Christmas fair! I’ve been obsessed with German Christmas ornaments this year. This looks like heaven to me…

from the Christkindlmarkt official site

from the Christmas in Today’s Germany that I checked out from the library…

"Walking through the Nuremberg market is a delightful experience for everyone, but children seem to enjoy it most of all. More than 100 booths fill the marketplace, each bright with Christmas lights. Vendors offer roasted almonds and chestnuts, gingerbread houses, smoked sausage, wonderful toys and trinkets, and all types of wooden nutcrackers. Holiday music fills the air, and the scent of fir trees is all around. This great fair truly offers something for every visitor."


Sausage and ornament shopping…sign me up!

But since international travel is not in my near future I spent all last night window shopping online for German ornaments. I’m procrastinating from all these tasks piling up in front of me, this ridiculous decorate-my-apartment-with-cut-paper idea which is going to take FOREVER, all of the over ambitious handmade Christmas presents I’m planning and of course this baby clothes quilt which has to be finished in 5 days! Instead I spent hours seeking out the cutest pyramids, arches, music boxes, figurines and of course ornaments. I think I’ll have to try that "more" feature because there are just way too many!

I found more Wendt and Kuhn at this site, Christmas International

not Christmasy but so cute!

I love these angels so much – especially the one with all the presents and a little birdie perched on top!

Another site for wooden ornaments.. Decoration Warehouse. They don’t have the best pictures but we can forgive them because look how round and cute!

Another company I discovered, M
– more beautiful wood craftsmanship, arches, pyramids, ornaments…

and I really like their bears!

And another, Richard Glässer

and isn’t this so beautiful!

Well, I’ll just have to content myself with the knockoff I picked up at Target last year…


18 thoughts on “Christkindlmarkt

  1. Frances says:

    Argle bargle… I can’t figure out how to see the new layout. I have emptied my temporary internet folder about six gazillion times to no avail… Is there something else I should be doing?

  2. receptionista says:

    i grew up with those sorts of ornaments, and never realized they were german until i was in high school. i grew up on navy bases, and a lot of the kids i knew spent time in germany, and because of that you could always get the german christmas stuff on base. i might need to start my own collection now that i’ve got my own tree. thanks for the great links!

  3. Heidi says:

    Have you been to Frankenmuth, Michigan? It’s kind of a long haul from Chicagoland (6-7 hours, I think) but there are probably more German imports there than most other places in the US. There’s a great outdoor Glockenspiel that Oscar would love to watch, and a gigantic Christmas store called Bronner’s that’s open almost every day of the year. (note cheesy sound file on this site)
    My mom’s family is from around there so I’ve been there a lot. I recommend going in the off-season if you can because it’s really over-touristy these days. But it’s worth it.

  4. sunni says:

    Oh Hillary what a lovely post! I just got back from Belgium yesterday and I was so inspired by the magical and wonderful holiday spirit and decorations and feeling there that I wish we were going back for Christmas! Chocolate shops filled with chocolate versions of Saint Nicholas, waffle and holiday gingerbread vendors in the streets, live Christmas trees hanging above every shop door, and lighted decorations everywhere. . .ah! And I love the bird ornament you posted!

  5. mochi says:

    I love the lullaby family! Especially the girl in blue with the
    sun face!
    Frances, have you tried hitting the refresh button on your brower? I did that and was able to see the new layout no problem.

  6. Angela says:

    *sigh* I love Christmas Markets, we were in Germany for 3 years with the Canadian Armed Forces in the mid-80’s. My Mum was a Christmas Market Addict so we went to them all – even took weekend trips to the ones that were more than a days drive! The Market in Nuremburg is spectacular tho. The city is also beautiful and very interesting to walk around during the summer. Definately go if you ever get the chance!!!

  7. tania says:

    wow so much cuteness!
    when i was a kid i had a german friend and MAN did she have the best christmas!! they put out a boot and santa put stuff in it and they got to open gifts every day of december and the tree was covered in cookies!!! man oh man…

  8. Frances says:

    I can see it! I’m still not sure why I couldn’t before, but the good old “if everything else fails, turn it off and wait a while” trick seems to have worked! And with such cuteness, I’m very glad it did!

  9. Kristine S. says:

    I’m not sure where you are… but a Christkindlmarkt from Germany (not sure if its the Nurenburg one) is typically in Chicago after Thanksgiving for a few weeks- at the Daley center
    I’m sure would say something about it, otherwise email me- my younger sister is obsessed with it and goes every year.
    🙂 Kristine

  10. Ann Cruzen says:

    I was lucky to grow up in Germany ( our family was stationed there for 5 years) and we used to go to Nuremburg every year. One year I had overindulged in gingerbread to the point where it became an aversion for awhile ( luckily, I am over that!) My mom bought several delicate wood quilled ornaments at the market that our Basset Hound found to be delicious!

  11. Amanda says:

    I’m looking for a particular German Christmas decoration. He is a little doll (with a creepy face) and he sits on a mantle or anywhere you want and he has a bundle of sticks that he carries with him. Do you happen to know the name of such a figure in German folklore? Thanks

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