What’s the Word Mockingbird?


The good thing about leaves, is that unlike flowers, you can pick them up from people’s yards and take them home! The leaves are starting to turn in earnest. I’ll have to take the camera out with me next time. Oscar and I just got back from the library. He was getting fussy in his stroller as he always does so I took him out and set him free in the children’s section. I just can’t get used to this walking thing! It was amazing. He took off. So many new things to investigate. He was charging around like a little boy in his overalls, pulling books off the shelves and squealing in delight. What happened to my tiny baby? Well, he was never tiny, but still.

Why are all the books I want out of print? I’ve had two books out from the library for ages that I especially want, Twentieth Century Quilts 1900-1950 and American Picturebooks from Noah’s Ark to The Beast Within. Both have so many amazing pictures and are such a source of inspiration. Here are some of my favorites from the Picturebook book…


And the quilting book – there are so many gorgeous quilts in there. I want to have another lifetime so I can make them all. This one is my favorite though. It is pictured on the back cover. “Friendship’s Park. 1928-1932.” I’d love to make an applique style quilt like this of the houses in my neighborhood.


ok, now I have to go unload from the stroller all the books I checked out today!

3 thoughts on “What’s the Word Mockingbird?

  1. Mollie says:

    I agree. Entirely too many good books are out of print. To make matters worse, many of the excellent out of print books have been removed from my library’s collection! It seems to me that they should be required to keep these books. After all, isn’t that what a library is for?
    Anyway, I enjoy your site very much! Keep up the book hunt!

  2. rosa says:

    I love your choice of pictures today – so beautiful.
    (I wonder why the publishers don’t realise we want to buy our kids the books we had when we were kids and start re-printing them?)

  3. Elisabeth says:

    I saw the 20th Century Quilts book on Amazon recently- for about $47!
    I found one of the stuffed animal books you mentioned there as well.
    Where is a good place to learn about felting wool? Basically you’re just washing and shrinking it, right? Or is there more to it?
    I really love your plain spoken quilt and the baby clothes quilt. My son will be 3 on the 31st and I recognized one of his outfits in your quilt! It was the blue camouflage dog outfit from Baby Gap. I have 4 sons, and have been saving boy clothes for years! I have always wanted to sew and quilt and have finally learned in the last 6 months or so. I have great plans for sewing baby clothes quilts and one out of their matching sets of plaid and gingham shirts I always buy at Easter time. I have a major THING about matching shirts, which is great because now I have lots of fabric! My idea is to make a wall hanging quilt out of the bigger shirts and display the baby-sized shirts hanging on a pegboard or chair rail by the quilt. Of course, that project will have to wait at least 10 years until my little one gets to wear all the shirts! I am so sentimental and hate to throw stuff away, and now I regret some of the things I have gotten rid of in the past now that I have seen some of your projects with sweaters and things. My first quilt was made of a bunch of old jeans, khakis, and my dad’s old shirts, and turned out pretty cute.
    I love your site, thank’s for all the inspiration!
    ps- A great source for adorable quilt patterns is Buggybarn Quilts, located in Oregon but they have a website.

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