We’re in the process of bouncing back here at the Lang household. Tim was really sick all last week and then Oscar caught it. He woke up every 15 minutes from 8 – 3am on Thursday night. Very well timed because the next day we had to get up at the crack of dawn and start out on an 8 hour car trip to Duluth MN for a memorial service. After 16 hours in the car in 3 days we are wiped out. Luckily we were stopped in our tracks last night by a new channel on our cable, onDemand, including HBO onDemand. Instead of cleaning, unpacking, cooking, etc. we ordered a pizza and watched way too many hours of Larry David and Sex and the City.


Today everyone is better and it’s time to get organized and back on track. I have a very long list of fun projects I want to work on this week including another kitty in a dress I dreamed up on the drive. I hope I can make it as cute as it looks in my head.


All the Fall foliage we saw on the trip somewhat softens the blow of coming home to find all the beautiful yellow leaves on the tree outside our window had fallen off. Somewhat.

Here’s something beautiful to look at… Caroline Hwang. I love love her work. This is the kind of art I wish I could make. I love the collage/quilting influences and the embroidery and buttons! And check out the bags in her store – this is what I aspire to!

oh, and I found this show on her info page.. Plushtastrophe. I wish I could go to that! I’ll have to try to hunt down some photos from the exhibit when I have more time.

4 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Lily says:

    I love Hillary’s art! Thanks for posting her site. I’m excited to say, that I’ve started on my baby quilt. One side will be shades of baby blue + white velour with some appliques and embellishments that I will add on it (so it won’t be so boring) and I have not figured out what will be on the other side yet, will need to go to the fabric store or see if I can find something vintage.
    p.s. I love your stuffed toys too, sooo inspiring!

  2. brit says:

    I found you through HiptoPieceSquares and I love your blog! I am a quilter with an 8month old so I know all about sneaking in the craft time, and I’m also becoming enamored with making dolls ofor my little buddy and all hid playmates. this is such a great site for inspiration. Your little guys is adorable and I really like your pictures of leaves…it sounds silly but true. GREAT BLOG!!

  3. sunni says:

    Oh how I wish I’d known about that show before
    today! It ended yesterday sadly. I live in SF
    and thanks to you (and your lovely blog) I’ve
    come to realize how wonderful and fun it is
    to create fuzzy creatures of my own! Well, I’ll
    certainly be keeping my eye out for other furry
    shows, I never even knew they had such a thing!

  4. Giao says:

    Larry David and Sex & The City do much to soothe a few days’ fray! I love your photos. So pretty! Hope you’re all feeling much better and refreshed now. Take good care!

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