one of those days

All I wanted to do when I got up this morning was write a quick post about how I’m just not feeling it today and go back to bed. But Comcast had other ideas. My internet access has been down all day. Good God I’m hooked on the juice. I was a wreck today without my sites and my email. I thought ok, I’ll make all my calls, went to the computer to get the numbers. Let’s make sugar cookies, went to the computer to get the recipe. I’ll work on my christmas gift lists, went to check out things on Amazon. duh! I actually used a phonebook, a cookbook and earmarked items in a catalog today. It’s like the 1900 house around here. Well, ok, more like the 1990 house.


Anyway, when I woke up this morning I was feeling tired (O was up from 4-5 last night and then up for good at 6) and very uncrafty. I was working on this bag last night but I ran out of fabric. Didn’t really ‘run out’ – I never had enough to begin with. I don’t know what I was thinking. I also have Oscar’s crib quilt all pieced together and pinned to the batting and backing but I’m stumped as to what pattern to quilt it in. And there’s that bag of fur waiting to be made into a little Halloween costume. Very daunting. I’m afraid to start on it.

Now that I’m back online have to go see what I’ve been missing. Oh, and pay my $130 bill to Comcast online. asshats.

3 thoughts on “one of those days

  1. tania says:

    i’m having one of those days too.
    must be pms! at least i got to sleep a full night.
    it’s crazy how dependant I am too on the internet!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I peeked! I peeked! The bear and cap are adorable. Awwwwww….can’t wait until the little guy arrives. The hunt for Nani Iro and woodland-creature-inspired fabrics continues in Tokyo…. :^)

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