one down



Project convert crib bumper into crib quilt is complete. Now only two of the three blankets for Oscar to go.

I really zipped through this. Lessons learned: I need a walking foot for my sewing machine and next time I’m going to draw the quilting pattern on the fabric instead of eyeballing it. Other than that I’m pleased with it. Even more pleased to have it crossed off my list!

6 thoughts on “one down

  1. Cindy says:

    Love to see babies drinking a bottle they get into the zone..his little hand would be touching something on you if you were holding him…so sweet. Love the blanket.

  2. brit says:

    Isn’t it nice to have things crossed off your list? I have a UFO (unfinished objects) list right above my sewing machine. One for quilts, and one for christmas gifts (potholders, placemats, tablerunners, stuffed giraffes :)) and there is something nice about leaving it up with lines through the objects.

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