O as in Oscar


Just discovered that O is for Oscar in the phonetic alphabet. neat! So should a next baby be Foxtrot or maybe Bravo? Echo?!

Back to the baby at hand, Oscar is 10 months old today! We’re off to the pediatrician this morning. I’m hoping the doctor is so dazzled by this big boy in his new walking shoes that he doesn’t notice that he failed his assignment, drinking from a sippy cup.

Speaking of failed assignments.. now that it’s getting cold at night I *have* to get working on Oscar’s blankets. Right now all Oscar has in his crib to keep him warm are his baby blankets. So first up is the transformation of his bumper into a quilt. I made Oscar’s bedding including his bumper and was so excited for the day when he would lay all snuggly in there. Of course, when we did finally transfer him to his crib from the co-sleeper (a sad sad day) I freaked out because he could push his little feet under the bumper and between the slats. I was convinced he was going to swivel in his sleep and twist his leg right off. So I bought this thing and I took my seamripper to the bumper I’d made. He eventually got his feet under this too and now I can’t believe I was ever worried about such a thing! So now I have his bumper all de-stuffed and waiting to be made into a quilt. I think I’ll just line up the squares and maybe get some of the fluffy batting and then just tie it together at the intersections? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll finally find myself a free motion foot for my sewing machine and swirly quilt the whole thing. But I have 2 other blankets to quilt so I might just stick with ties.

(just a peek until it’s finished)

I have Oscar’s quilt that I’ve been working on forever. I finished up the piecing and basted the front and back to the batting and then started the “stitch in ditch” quilting with the sewing machine. But that part is so boring it’s been sitting on the back of my sewing chair for months untouched. I plan to give it to Oscar for Christmas so I have a few months still but I need to set some quilting quotas. Not woking on other projects until I’ve quilted for 15 minutes or some such thing. And I noticed underneath it this other baby quilt I threw together that I’d forgotten about. Quilting is only about 1/4 way done on that one too.


And finally I have a bag of Oscar’s baby clothes that I want to make into a quilt too. I haven’t even started on that one yet. Maybe that’s for next christmas. He still wears so many cutie little outfits that I’d like to include in this one once he outgrows them. And I have no design ideas yet.

So those are my blanket projects. And I haven’t even looked at all my knitting projects. And then there’s Christmas presents to be made. Overwhelming! Maybe I can just keep Oscar warm at night by piling stuffed animals on top of him!

4 thoughts on “O as in Oscar

  1. Joy says:

    What a clever idea–making Oscar’s baby clothes into a quilt. Will pass that on to my future daughter-in-law, who is a quilter par excellance!

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