We actually got out and met some of the neighbors after living here for over a year. We were invited to an adjacent street’s block party. I met a few other stay at home moms and a ton of kids. Everyone was so nice and friendly. And people actually ate my mushy pumpkin pie! How polite 🙂

Well I’m on the subject of the neighborhood…

look what’s opening up a few blocks from my house!…Memento

and it’s just down the block from the new yummy thai restaurant we’ve been waiting for all summer… Penny’s

and check out this cool shop that recently opened in downtown OP…FlyBird

One thought on “Neighborhood

  1. Giao says:

    Fun shop links, and you’re so lucky Penny’s is opening nearby! We miss it from our LP days and pine for it often. When we do get back in the city, it’s the dining spot of choice. We eschew the fancy foodie spots for just another bit of Penny’s. =}

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