Halloween Decorating

When history judges whether or not I’ve been a good mother I hope I get points for decorating for ALL holidays. Here are our pumpkin steps…


Also I hung this cute sign from Target on the door *and* this scary ghost! I might even buy candy for trick or treaters this year. My other Halloween project is a big bag of fake fur that I told everybody I could turn into a costume for Oscar..somehow. I really need to get started on that but I’m dreading it so…

Back to my kitty in a dress! She’s coming along nicely I think. I’ve just got her cut out of muslin but I really like the shape.. she has funny looong legs. I’m working on outfit ideas now. I got out my 1969 Fall JCPenney‘s catalog for some ideas.

We stopped by the bookstore yesterday because I saw an ad for those Golden Book reprints and they had Doctor Dan! I was all excited because I was sure that was the book that was kept at my Grandma’s house and was such a favorite of mine. It went missing years & years ago and I was so disappointed. Turns out I’m still disappointed because although Dr. Dan is close it was actually Nurse Nancy that we had.

Another book I found that is nowhere near disappointing is Windy. I was just reading about it on Craftlog and then there it was right by Dr. Dan. It is so CUTE! Now I need Sunny and Snowy and Chinook too!!

8 thoughts on “Halloween Decorating

  1. kelly says:

    Hey! I have a 1967 Sears catalog! It doesn’t necessarialy seem like it would be that cool, but it is…oh, it is. I’ve got a huge bag full of Lion Bran Wool-ease so that I can replicate an extremely groovy dress that I found in it.

  2. hillary says:

    oh thanks 🙂 can’t take credit for the idea though. saw it in a magazine, country living maybe. my neighbor has “happy” spelled out on her steps to complete the sentiment

  3. Elisabeth says:

    Did you have the We Help Mommy and We Help Daddy Golden books too? Those were some of my favorites of all time and I just found one up in my mom’s attic. If you haven’t seen them, check them out. I’m sure you could get them on Amazon.
    Do you use patterns for all of your bags or do you just design them yourself?
    For your embroidered dolls do you just draw a picture and then embroider it on the fabric?
    One last question!- Is another pattern booklet in the works?
    The new Susannah doll is very cute! It must be really fun for you to see all the creations that have been made already from the first pattern book printing!

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