Flea Market Disappointment


On Saturday we arranged for an all day babysitter for Oscar (his auntie) and drove out to the end of the world to the Kane County Flea Market. I was so excited for it all week. I used to go all the time when I was in high school searching for vintage clothes and jewelry and it was amazing. So much great stuff! I’ve been a few times since and was really just overwhelmed by it’s size. I guess too overwhelmed to reallize how stinky it is now. Nowhere near as many collectibles and antiques. Much more designer purse knockoffs, new country craft stuff, stinky candles, crappy overpriced antique furniture (not a modern piece in sight) and crummy hotdogs. oh well, it was nice to have the day to ourselves. Unfortunately, those are few and far between so it was a disappointment to waste it on the crap fair. I did manage to find the nice 30’s fabric and old buttons above. And I’ve earmarked these buttons I found below, with some matching fabric and floss, for one of my next projects.


The weekend wasn’t a total bust though. The giggle I got Saturday night watching Will Forte’s George Bush on SNL made me forget all about the disappointments of the day. “we work so hard” heh heh. And Sunday we got so much done, errands, chores, I even squeezed in a trip to the Hancock. I think Tim thinks it’s voodoo magic that we always end up at the fabric store no matter where we’re headed. And today Grandma and I are off to buy Walker Walkypants some decent shoes at the striderite. Wish us luck!

Also via pocketo (I think I need that cute cat with yarn one by Susie Ghahremani).. a link to Saelee Oh and her beautiful paintings, drawings and CUTOUTS! so neat! Can’t wait to see what she’s going to have in her new online shop.

7 thoughts on “Flea Market Disappointment

  1. Giao says:

    Bummer about the Kane County flea market! I’ve only been a couple times, but each time we did find a few fun things to bring home and load into our garage (so full of ideas, so depleted of time). Mind, that was something like 4 years ago, so things likely have changed. Score on the fabrics and the buttons. So cute, can’t wait to see what you work up with them!
    We went to Mitsuwa Market this weekend, but I couldn’t locate the cheap bamboo knitting needles! It was a fun shop-around session though. So thanks for opening my eyes to it!

  2. Sandy says:

    I’ve also been disappointed by the Kane County Flea Market lately. When I first started going about 10 years ago, it seems like there was so much more quality bargains. I got a wonderful mission-style bed delivered to the city for around $400. But now it’s mostly “shabby chic” painted furniture. Why do people ruin beautiful wood furniture by painting it white??? Sorry for the rant, I’m just so missing a good actual flea market experience.

  3. hillary says:

    giao – yea! mitsuwa! I read all about the yummy treats you found over on your site. The bamboo needles are in that little gift shop/discount store in the center. were you in there?
    sandy – yeah, what is up with the white? I saw a few pieces I would have liked if they weren’t so shabby. maybe the sandwich flea market is better?
    tania – that cardinal one is good too! I love all of Susie’s stuff. I bought a t-shirt and postcard off her site a while back. so cute!
    cindy – surprisingly striderite was a bust! they were all out of size 5s. so we got him some cute oshkosh b’goshers instead.

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