Eggs! Beautiful Eggs!


Yesterday Mr. Fedex delivered a package to my door. He stared deeply into my eyes for way too long when he asked me to sign for it. I thought “weirdo”. But he must have known what goodness was inside and was thinking to himself “lucky lucky girl”.



My beautiful Rebecky eggs have arrived!

A deal was struck a while back after Rebecca wrote the funniest post about my site. I made a bag for her and in return she sent me these eggs that she had blown out and to which she had done something fabulous. Thank you Rebecca!

I love the O, T, H (took both Tim and I a minute … “aha! for Tim, Hillary & Oscar”) and the custard/quiche is so cute. How’d she get that dashed line so perfect?! They’re all fabulous. My crappy photos do not do them justice. Here’s a photo Rebecca took of the made in usa one. I wanted to set them all out and photograph them together but we only had one double chocolate stout left so we only had one beercap this morning. A rare occurrence in this household.

I nominate Rebecca to take over while Martha is incarcerated!

8 thoughts on “Eggs! Beautiful Eggs!

  1. rebecca says:

    Sweet! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on those black hollyhocks. Plus whatever remains of the stock portfolio.
    Anyway, I’m so glad you like them and that they are not smashed. Trading is awesome!

  2. stephano giordano says:

    If I had eggs like that, I’d scramble to the store for some more double chocolate stout…maybe that’s because I dig double chocolate stout, but those eggs are wicked cool, too.

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