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What Halloween really means is it’s ok to start talking about Christmas now! While we were in Duluth we had a chance to visit this great store, Torke Weinachten. It is a Christmas store that specializes in European imports and there’s an added bonus.. a chocolate and champagne shop in the back! First thing that sucked me in was a display case full of Wendt and Kuhn figurines like this and this. Then on to a whole tree full of wooden ornaments by Christian Ulbricht like this one we bought…


It’s carved wood and is so smooth and perfect and adorable. I love it’s little suede ears! This store had so many beautiful things. Some great Norweigan Tomtes that I was so tempted to buy my Mom (but I decided on a little Ulbricht snowman instead), a bunch of cute Midwest of Cannon Falls ornaments and many other things that we didn’t get a chance to see because of the restless baby outside the shop with Grandpa and because we had to save some time for the Chocolate! We bought 2 YUMMY dark chocolate bars: Neuhaus from Belgium (a new favorite!) and one of our old standbys Scharffenberger.

I LOVE ornaments. This may be an addiction worse than fabric or yarn (or even chocolate). Definitely around this time of year it is. Although this Christmas I’m seriously considering a tree like this covered in just paper snowflakes. I just don’t know how we can have a tree with a walking one year old tearing through the house. The ornaments will have to stay in their boxes I’m afraid. I’m definitely getting a tree though! And not a tabletop one. Maybe I can console myself by decking all the halls in paper like Elf!

paper christmas

9 thoughts on “Christmas + Chocolate

  1. Giao says:

    So many fun goodies! I think paper-decking would be fabulous!
    If I haven’t told you lately, I will say it now: I love your blog. Eye candy, eye candy. Yay!

  2. dawn says:

    We’ve had an undecorated tree for 6 years now! We caved and bought an artificial tree (my husband is Mr. Christmas and if your tree were up for two months you’d have an artificial one too). We throw a few homemade ornaments on it at kid level, some felt ornaments at cat level and call it a day. Perfect! Maybe once our little guy is a year or two older we’ll pull out my collection of glass ornaments and heirlooms. Or not. Thanks as always for letting me ramble!

  3. Jennifer says:

    That snowflake tree was just what I was thinking of doing this year! It’s too hard to find a regular sized tree here, but I can get cute tabletop pine trees at a local nursery…most ornaments I find here are soooooo tacky and lame. But then that just makes me remember that some of the tackiest/weirdest ornaments on the tree when I was growing up were the most fun to put on and laugh about!

  4. jingles says:

    I thought the ELF decorations were so magical, in that movie.
    You can’t go wrong with paper…
    just don’t light any candles 🙂
    My Aunt bought be back a Wendt and Kuhn ornament from Germany and it’s one of my most favorite ornaments.

  5. christine says:

    I covered my Christmas tree in paper snowflakes one year and it was simple but gorgeous. The best part is that I always had scissors and paper on hand, so whenever I had a visitor, I asked them to add to my tree. This made the tree that much more special.
    Anyway, hi! I just discovered you through Loobylu and I love your site. Adorable kitty doll, too.
    xo, christine

  6. Cailean says:

    I just found your site via loobylu and it is so cute! Last Christmas our oldest was tugging on the tree (artificial) and it nearly fell on her. So we wired it to the wall with some of my heavy gauge beading wire. This year I think we’ll decorate with garlands of Fruit Loops and gummy candy on a string! 🙂

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