Here’s a little bear I made from that same big head kitty pattern. The bear is much smaller and made of this great soft velvety fur I found at Hancock Fabrics. I love it because it has sort of a vintage look to it. I used some cool buttons I found in the sale bin for eyes and I love them! So does Oscar. This is immediately his new favorite stuffed because it has detachable parts that can be yanked off and choked on. Guess this guy is going on up the top shelf for a while.

Yesterday was such a fun day. I had a 3 hour reprieve! Tim watched Oscar for me while I went into the city to have lunch with my best crafty girlfriend. We caught up and then did some scheming. In the works are learning how to silkscreen our own fabric, joining the local stitch n bitch, practicing our embroidery (which I really need!) and visiting a fabric warehouse she unearthed over in Pilsen. I’m so excited!! After lunch we went to this cool shop Penelope’s that had great stuff including these excellent bags by Queenbee. I’m inspired now to finally try out a bag in the vinyl I picked up a while ago. Also at the shop was this great book Mascotte!… which lead me to Lulu. This is the bit that was in the book that lured me in.. cutyzoo. And be sure to click the icon collection too!

So, maybe after some practice I’ll be able to embroider as well as this gal.. craftlog.

5 thoughts on “bear

  1. dawn says:

    What a wonderful day. sigh. I love the Queen Bee bags, am soooo tempted but always am. Purses, totes, messengers – an addiction I’m so trying to get over. I love embroidery, I just got some Sublime Stitching patterns in the mail – my 7-year old daughter needs kitties on her overalls… Oh, love the bear!!

  2. tania says:

    so squishy and huggable looking.
    and i saw that crazy book here a few months ago! it’s so cool!
    thanks for the good smart words about imperfect bags!
    you are right!
    oh and it is silkscreening , those birds. speedball stuff.

  3. dawn says:

    oh my gosh, don’t even get me started about Peach Berserk. I used to live in Toronto and bought tons of my clothes and fabric at Peach Berserk. Kingi (the owner/designer/goddess) is lovely. Lots of people I know took the silk screening class at her store and loved it so I’m sure the DVD is excellent. She is taking the “show on the road” so to speak, can’t remember where to but you could find out at her web site. Funny, I just ordered a t-shirt a few weeks ago and have been wearing it non-stop. Anyway, like I said, don’t get me started…

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