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The ribbons I ordered arrived yesterday. With these and the new fabric & buttons I bought last night, projects are swirling in my head. I finished up a little stuffed dog but he needs a collar still. Maybe if I figure it out today I’ll post this afternoon. I started Bobbi Bear last night with some thick and quick. I really wanted to start a felted llama but my lys let me down. That place was a mad house too! Knitters coming out of the woodwork. I fondled the new Rowan book a bit and many beautiful fall yarns but was a good girl and left empty handed.

Here’s an interesting article in the New City about DIY culture. (but btw, refinishing hardwood floors is not easy!) Here are some cool graffiti-tag needlepoint pillows from this month’s Elle. A new show I want to check out but am I ever going to catch it? Is it even any good? And lastly, a little George Lakoff. This I know is good!

We’re contemplating a trip to Ikea today. Such a pilgrimage. Are we up for it?

2 thoughts on “what’s the story morning glory

  1. dawn says:

    I love the ribbons – the photo is great! When I lived in Toronto there was an amazing Japanese ribbon store called Mokubu – I would go and sit on the floor and go through their sale baskets – your photo so reminded me of that! I’ve watched “Knitty Gritty” a few times and as a beginning knitter it is a bit too much for me and frustrating that even though they keep saying all the details are on their website, they aren’t, so be sure to tape the show if you actually want to do any of the projects! have a great Friday – hope to see the collar soon!

  2. hillary says:

    ahhh, japanese ribbons 🙂 thanks for the knitty gritty tip. the vcr might just be my answer to how will I ever catch that show. I use it so rarely I forgot about taping something. duh.

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