Weihnachts Markt!


Look what we found at the Hobbytown! A German Christmas fair in HO scale! Complete with 4 concession stands, snowman, Christmas tree lot and “many small details” including beer crates! Tim is thinking for either at the bottom of the ski run or maybe by the ice skating pond. This is very exciting stuff, trust me 😉 It is an excellent find. Finding good model train stuff that exactly matches your needs at the local hobby shop is nothing short of a miracle. A find like this normally takes months of diligent ebay searching. And we just ran across it. We haven’t even been on the lookout for train stuff for forever. Might be a sign that the Silver Belle needs to come out this Christmas. Although I’m not quite sure it’s boohoo baby compliant.

Other weekend purchases might have included some more fabric. Not my fault though! I can’t help it that my parents live in an epicenter of quilting stores. It’s odd that I didn’t know this. I guess because before Oscar I didn’t spend every weekend at my parent’s house. And honestly, I was being a good daughter when I agreed to make a quilted jacket for my Mom that she admired at the shop last weekend. I did not enlist her as my partner in crime to justify more trips to fabric stores. And a rooster telling me bonjour. Come on! How can I resist that?!


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