Weekend Sales: Part Two


The second sale I went to this past weekend was the “Crack of Damn Dawn Baby Sale.” I’m not sure that that’s the official title but it’s how I like to refer to it. It’s a big, organized by group, garage sale/flea market/consignment kind of sale of all baby/kids stuff. Toys, clothes, equipment, books, media. You name it. I went this time last year carrying a huge, probably already 8lb Oscar in my belly. It was so hot and crowded and all the women bring laundry baskets to carry their haul around. So cumbersome. But I hit the motherlode. I came home with garbage bags full of onesies, overalls, sweaters, all sorts of cutie baby clothes. So I resigned myself to getting all the way out to Dupage County Fairgrounds by 8am again this year. Again, my friend Karen was my partner in crime. Thank God she loves a sale!

This year the clothes were a bust. The 12/18 month old cast off boys clothes are not so cute. We did find about 5 pairs of good overalls including some excellent kelly green oshkosh cord ones that I think are from the 70s. So I found those, some great big plastic toys on the cheap, a few pairs of shoes I think he’s too big for already (how hard should it be to get a baby’s foot in a shoe?!).. but the real score were the books! So many great finds!! Including another Gyo Fujikawa book, a board book entitled Babies. So cute! Also Robert Louis Stevenson’s A Child’s Garden of Verses Illustrated by Alice & Martin Provenson, a bunch of old Goldenbooks including 2 illustrated by Eloise Wilkins(!) and an awesome Jingle Bells that Tim remembers having as a kid illustrated by Kathleen Daly, Mike Mulligan and his Steamshovel, another Eric Carle book and a copy of Where the Wild Things Are, a neat book I’d never seen before, Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox and A tree is nice illustrated by Janice May Udry

I can’t wait til Oscar wants to actually look at books instead of being this Fujikawa baby…


Here are his cute new shoes…


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