Weekend Sales: Part One


Friday night we headed downtown to this cool crafty sale Depart-Ment…”All things handcrafted. No brand-names. No foreign-assembly. No questionable-ethics.” It was a lot of fun. Smaller than I expected but neat stuff. A lot of the same kind of things I’ve been seeing on crafty sites. There were some cutie sock doggies & monkies, a few monster dolls, unique jewelry, handknits, and very cool purses. My party was very impressed with one vendor, Wilma handmade bags. She made messengers, handbags and wallets out of pretty fabrics and vinyl.

I made one small purchase. I bought this beautiful little felt flower from nFelt. I originally had my eye on one of these but the one I wanted was snapped up so I bought the above flower instead and now I’m so happy with it. So simple and modern and beautiful!

I’ve been very intrigued by making felt lately. Not the knitting and washing kind of felting but the buying of wool rovings and sharp instruments and doing something to them to create beautiful handmade felt. The results are so cool! It seems like a very difficult project to undertake and definitely one that can’t be picked up and put down on a moment’s notice. In other words, not Oscar approved. Handmade felt will have to go in the “after kindergarten starts” folder. So until then I’m content to admire other’s wonderful felt designs.

The sale definitely whet my appetite for Renegade this weekend. And guess who’s going to be there..both nFelt and Supermaggie! 🙂

One thought on “Weekend Sales: Part One

  1. Giao says:

    Wow, what fun goods! I spaced and forgot Depart-ment was this weekend. I’m glad you found such goodies! I am even more stoked that SuperMaggie will be at Renegade (I’m after her Superstar pin, so the price will seem better without shipping!). We’re going to be at Renegade too, so hope to meet you while you’re out and about!

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