I discovered there is a quilt shop not far from my parents’ house. Dangerous information! I bought a few fat quarters and have vowed not to go back there until these are made into something. I’m definitely feeling theme-y these days. When I looked down at my selections they all matched. Pinks! Shouldn’t I be in a burnt orange, chocolate brown sort of mood? Especially since today is the first day of Fall. (right?) But no, record September highs here in Chicago. Today 85. bah!

to console myself I might have been snooping around for San-X yesterday – another dangerous activity! Here are some favorites…

Mr. Sushi Rice

Kira Kira Hime

Apple Hoppe

Kyo Usa (City Bunny)

4 thoughts on “Vices

  1. violetismycolor says:

    I have a wonderful quilt shop near my house, too, and it is all that I can do to get out of there without going crazy with all the beautiful fabrics. Since I used to own a yarn store, I still have plenty of that around, but not enough time to do all that I want to do.

  2. Caroline Stringer says:

    I have tried to purchase the Japanese craft book; Stuffed Toys easy to make and it seems inpossible to do from the UK. Would you please be able to sell or e-mail me a copy of the plan for the scottie dog as I have been looking everywhere fr one and unable to find one as good as yours.
    Thank you

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