There was a teddy bear named Bobbi Bear


And I finished him last night.. even without the right tools (Martha would be very disappointed in me). If I can find double pointed size 13 needles anywhere I might have to knit a few more of these. Especially since it is so thrifty in the Thick and Quick!

Also Crafts for Critters…great cause & super cute stuff!!

10 thoughts on “There was a teddy bear named Bobbi Bear

  1. kelly says:

    How effing cute. Love love love your page. It’s amazing you can get so much done, despite having your hands full with the little boo hoo. Seriously, though, keep it up — please!

  2. lauren says:

    where did you get the pattern for this? and was it hard to do? i’m pretty much a beginner would it be impossible for me to do this?
    i love your page its so inspiring 😉

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