That’s better


Now if the boohoo baby takes a good 2 hour napper this morning I can get something crafted. I’ve got a trade coming up and must make something cute. In the meantime, I updated the everyday links to better reflect what I actually read and I added a few new fabrics. I have such a hard time keeping track of what I read online and where I find things. For example, I have a print out of an illustration by Daniele Young on my inspiration board but I can’t remember how I first found her. I found her again on Rosa’s links page. Thank God someone is organized! Daniele’s illustrations are amazing… here and here and here. Ok, enough, I’ll let you look at it yourself. And I can’t wait to see these cute felt friends she’s working on!!

Other supercuteness from Rosa’s links page… dolls by Lauri Faggioni and yarn ball animals.

4 thoughts on “That’s better

  1. Giao says:

    Cutey shelf redo, and that illustration by Daniel Young is so sweet! Thanks for all the fun linkies!
    I didn’t realize until today you’re a Chicago burbie. Me too!

  2. Lia says:

    What a great transformation! I wish my fabric shelves looked that neat. I need some sort of folding machine, I hate folding fabric! It just ends up in a crumpled heap on the floor. Oops!

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