So Much Crafty!


We attended the long awaited Renegade Craft Fair in Wicker Park yesterday. It was, in a word, overwhelming. So much to see! It was as unexpectedly large as depart-ment was small. I’m like goldilocks looking for a craft fair that’s just my size. We started strong, it was a bright sunny day, Oscar was merrily shacking his maraca, we were all oohs and ahs at each booth we passed. Then the maraca was thrown on the ground, repeatedly, the sun got hotter and brighter and we had to pick up the pace. The t-shirts and handbags started to blur together, whimpering turned to wailing and entire lanes were skipped. At this point someone stopped us to comment on how clever our stroller was that the front bar could be bent up to work as a teether. yeah, that’s not supposed to happen. That’s the result of the superhuman strength the boohoo baby gets when he’s bored and frustrated. But we managed to get out of there in one piece, with all of our money spent and plenty to talk about the rest of the day. I’m so pleased with the things we found. Two cards, one by Tweedle made of old wallpaper and one by I’m Smitten (horse hostess). And I love LOVE my new dammed dollie. So cute and funny. I love all of her stuff. I would be very happy with an all damned dollie t-shirt wardrobe. But I was frugal and only bought this girl…


Our final purchase was this amazing print by Jay Ryan of the Bird Machine, “a silk screen printshop in chicago, illinois, usa which makes posters and other strange little hand-printed items.” Tim and I both spotted it right off and knew we had to have it. We had intended it for O’s room but we might put it in the living room so we can look at it all the time. Interesting tidbit…I always refer to this one poster we saw briefly years ago while having lunch whenever I try to describe something cute. I’ll say it’s like those floaty round things with the feet we saw that one time. I even brought it up again while we were debating purchasing this print. Turns out Jay Ryan made that one too! It was fate.


3 thoughts on “So Much Crafty!

  1. Giao says:

    Renegade was huge this year! I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet; I’m always in awe of your great finds and fabulous craftiness. Wailing babies with superhuman abilities are definitely a force to be reckoned with, I’m certain.

  2. hillary says:

    hopefully, you’ll check back here. I went to leave a comment on your site and it wanted me to create an account. I’m too lazy..
    so, anyway, I vote equal parts disturbing and funny on that commercial 🙂
    and how was Renegade for you?! I’m so sorry we missed your booth. I was very tempted to leave the boohoo baby with daddy on sunday and head back down there on my own so I could see everything I missed.

  3. Giao says:

    Yeah, Xanga sucks like that. There are a couple bloggers who leave me comments in their comments just to avoid the whole register/login thingie, which is cool with me! I’m sure Renegade will be fabu next year too. Plus, if you go to DIY Trunk Show, we’ll be there too. =)
    Keep on keepin on. I love the tweed scotties next to Oscar’s red WALKING shoes!

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