Reversible Bag

Here’s my new reversible bag. I made it out of 2 thrifted skirts, one tweed pencil skirt and a printed cord circle skirt. It turned out to be a good choice of fabrics, the bag reverses well and holds its shape. Then I made a buttonhole in the front and sewed buttons onto the back of the flowers so they can be attached to either side. 4 combinations (only 3 shown the 4th photo didn’t turn out). I made it nice and big so I have something cute in which to lug around all of the boohoo baby’s supplies!






9 thoughts on “Reversible Bag

  1. Cera says:

    hey there i saw your bag and i reali want to make one so if you don’t mind sharing could you email me the instructions through my email address if you could it would be so helpfull thanx a lot

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