I discovered there is a quilt shop not far from my parents’ house. Dangerous information! I bought a few fat quarters and have vowed not to go back there until these are made into something. I’m definitely feeling theme-y these days. When I looked down at my selections they all matched. Pinks! Shouldn’t I be in a burnt orange, chocolate brown sort of mood? Especially since today is the first day of Fall. (right?) But no, record September highs here … More

So Much Crafty!


We attended the long awaited Renegade Craft Fair in Wicker Park yesterday. It was, in a word, overwhelming. So much to see! It was as unexpectedly large as depart-ment was small. I’m like goldilocks looking for a craft fair that’s just my size. We started strong, it was a bright sunny day, Oscar was merrily shacking his maraca, we were all oohs and ahs at each booth we passed. Then the maraca was thrown on the ground, repeatedly, the sun … More

Yes we are!


So we did make it to Ikea yesterday after all. We even had energy to stop into Blick which we never do. I found a little doggie tag there in with the scrapbooking items I’ll have to finish that fellow up tonight. At Ikea I found this tiny little squirrel. He wanted to come home and live with us. As did a new duvet cover, a blanket, some curtains, some towels, a woven basket… All this new stuff has got … More

what’s the story morning glory


The ribbons I ordered arrived yesterday. With these and the new fabric & buttons I bought last night, projects are swirling in my head. I finished up a little stuffed dog but he needs a collar still. Maybe if I figure it out today I’ll post this afternoon. I started Bobbi Bear last night with some thick and quick. I really wanted to start a felted llama but my lys let me down. That place was a mad house too! … More

Fowl Bag

Guess I’m stuck in a quilted bag rut. I made another one. I bought some scraps of kimono fabric off ebay a while ago, geez, come to think of it, 4 years ago. The aughts are just flying by! So I finally found a project for one of the scraps. I cut around the flower design and appliqued it to front of the bag. This funny fowl print was unearthed from a thrifted top in the basement. Turkeys, quails, pheasants, … More

Turn up the AC!


Time for a Fall sweater photo shoot. I finally finished George last night! Of course I was sewing up the final edge as Tim was putting Oscar to bed so I had to wait til this morning to see how it fit. It was worth the wait, he’s adorable in it! Oh where is this Fall they’ve been talking about? Time to sweater up the boy!

I was so excited to knit this sweater because it was out of my … More