Good Mom

I’ve been giving my Mom a hard time lately about not keeping enough of the toys and books from my childhood. Mom likes a tidy house and very few things make it into “heirloom storage”. So I’ve been ebaying/amazoning to try to recreate my childhood library to the best of my recollection. Yesterday Mom surprised me with this book she found…


yeah! one of my favorites. Gyo Fujikawa! I adored these illustrations as a child. I looked at this book so much I absorbed them. Flipping through this book was so much fun because I remember every bit of it. Some of the drawings are even outlined in pencil where I tried to trace them. I was only going to put up one or two pictures but “this was my favorite”, “no, this was my favorite!” “oh! I loved this one”…







5 thoughts on “Good Mom

  1. rosa says:

    How could I forget about this book! I have it at my grandma’s home and it was my favorite for years! I spent hours looking at these wonderful illustrations… I absolutely have to show this to my little one!!
    Thanks 🙂

  2. Giao says:

    Hi there, found you via Tania’s site! Such crafty goodness all over your blog, and I am all over recreating my childhood library too (my most recent score was Harold and the Purple Crayon).

  3. hillary says:

    isn’t it wonderful to rediscover a book like that! I can’t wait til Oscar is old enough to want to actually look at pages in books instead of trying to tear them out to snack on.

  4. Cailean says:

    Sigh – that brings back memories too! I also had another of his books with a sad sad story of “Two Babes in the Wood.” I remember sobbing as a child while reading that story – who would put that in a children’s book??!!??

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