good, bad and the cute cute cute

First the cute cute cute! A quick run to Joann’s for a new tomato and needle card resulted in some great new fabrics. (sorry I was dissing you Joanns) A black and white historic reproduction print that I’m going to use for the 10 year quilt (more on that later), some great soft brown flannel with bright red roses maybe for a big head bear, some “butterscotch” yarn that I’m going to use for my next doll, teeny tiny buttons for teeny tiny sweaters and this… this amazing fabric that I love so much I’m going to marry it. I love it so much I actually bought 2 yards of it. I never buy 2 yards. I love it so much I might buy 100 more yards and cover my walls with it.


And then a trip to Michaels reveals a whole new yarn aisle! The stitch n bitcher’s have really had an effect on the marketplace. All sorts of new yarns available at the chain craft store. Lots of cheaper versions of what they have at the yarn shops… trendy mohairs and novelties and multicolored blends. Also some good new classics, like finally some more Patons yarn. They now have Patons Up Country. 100% wool! at Michaels!! But I was good and resisted buying any yarn and just stuck to the items on my list… scrapbooking pebble things to make more Oscar magnets and gold foil cupcake cups. Oh, and I might have accidentally bought a little wood box to try decoupage on.

The bad. The suckiest part of parenting is this regression business. One step forward, 2 back. Oscar psyched us out at 7 months by sleeping through the night for a week or so. Good baby! Then he fell into a pattern of up around 4:30 for a quick bottle and then back to sleep til 7 or so. good baby. Now he’s tossed that aside. Now he’s decided to wake up 2 or 3 times right after being put to sleep. Then again around midnight or 1 and then getting up for good at 5:30/6. Also, he’s decided he has outgrown his third nap. We’ve always had what the books like to call a “wakeful” baby (read drive-you-crazy, never-needs-sleep, baby robot). As a result, we never take good sleep for granted. But this back to the life of sleep deprivation is so harsh. I don’t want to go back. Back to that confused, unproductive, cranky state. ok, enough with the bad. I’m sure he’ll snap back to good baby soon. Let’s just say it’s teething and it’ll pass. because I want to get on to…

The good. My cutest baby ever was so good yesterday during my errands. Didn’t fuss or cry at all in the car. And that is quite an achievement as he’s not that I love the soothing car baby. He’s the get me the hell out of these constraints baby. And was such a charmer at the stores. And now we have a big fun weekend ahead of us with a trip to the lake house (not our lake house) and a bbq at mom and dad’s (where the activity garden lives). Also good.. the new Fall themed cupcakes Oscar and I made yesterday. I’m hoping they’ll inspire Tim to work on a new Fall design for my site! 🙂


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