Fowl Bag

Guess I’m stuck in a quilted bag rut. I made another one. I bought some scraps of kimono fabric off ebay a while ago, geez, come to think of it, 4 years ago. The aughts are just flying by! So I finally found a project for one of the scraps. I cut around the flower design and appliqued it to front of the bag. This funny fowl print was unearthed from a thrifted top in the basement. Turkeys, quails, pheasants, ducks? Not sure what all is going on here. My birder parents would be disappointed in me. The fowl shirt was a small sleeveless buttondown shirt so I wasn’t able to get enough fabric from it to make a shoulder bag so this is more of a handbag. Just the right size for a book and smokes. Perfect if I still read novels or smoked cigs. I like making these bags so much because they use a variety of fabrics and as items from my stash get sewn up I feel justified searching for more more more! I’ve got another stack of fabrics set for my next bag project, but no quilting this time. I’m going to try something reversible. I hope it turns out as cute as I’m imagining it.




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