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Oscar and I are headed to the library today because it’s free. Also sadly, it’s time for the Marimekko book to go back. One last look…


Yesterday we went on a walk to the bookstore and it wasn’t so free. I might have accidentally bought another stack of magazines. I should just have Tim’s paycheck directly deposited to the Martha Stewart franchise. I got suckered into buying the Halloween special issue. I feel it is my duty to crazily decorate for every holiday now that I am a Mom.

I’ve been spending spending spending lately! A few trips to the craft/fabric stores, an emergency yarn order from elann (because my jaeger pattern book lied to me), and now I just ordered some ribbons and trims. That’s it! My mission was to actually produce rather than just consume. Enough daydreaming at the fabric store! Right now I’m in the middle of a craft room overhaul because I want my shelves to look like this


when actually they look like this


Once this transformation is complete it’s time to check some to do’s off the list!

One project I managed to finish recently was this decoupaged box. I painted a little box from Michaels blue and glued some stuff to it. I guess that’s decoupage. I used an old paperdoll outfit and a bit of notepaper grid from Martha Stewart Kids. I like the way it turned out. I don’t think it’s finished though. I need to shellac it or something. I see now the problem with me and decoupage. Glue. Glue is not a friend of mine. I am a total spaz with glue. Even thin, runny, it’s ok if you get it everywhere decoupage glue.


Back to the planning of projects…I’ve been dreaming of all sorts of cozy indoor projects now that it’s September. My Summer project, the new deck furniture that I made cushions for, was a bust. I finished the last cushion, tied it to the chair and it’s been raining steadily ever since. Well, at least it’s sure to be cold this Winter in Chicago. So I’m going to need new blankets and pillows. I bought a beautiful Mary Norden’s Needlepoint book on alibris after checking it out from the library. I want to give that a try. A pillow of Norweigan Roses…


And I love this knit chair cover from the Fall Interweave Knits. They bought the chair at Ikea and then created this pattern to cover it. This is definitely a project for another lifetime but I love the way it looks. I might try instead to make pillows out of thrifted cableknit sweaters this year.


And because I don’t have enough projects of my own I’m swiping them from other people’s to do lists. I LOVE this blanket. Now I just have to get my hands on broomstick knitting needles and piles and piles of wool rovings. I’m also curious to see how my paper crane’s rug turns out. Neat idea.

8 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs

  1. dawn says:

    When I grow up I want to have a web site just like yours… I love your project list. Mine is similar but unfortunately life as a Mom just seems to keep me from getting too many extra-curricular activities done. sigh. Luckily I do spend enough time in the car in line at pre-school that I can get some knitting done!

  2. maia says:

    cool photo of the red house and marimekko fabric-covered walkway (I’m assuming!)… I can’t sew (yet) but collect/hoard marimekko fabric scraps like there’s no tomorrow … thanks to a Crate&Barrel outlet by my parents’ in CA! and BTW, nice fabric collection!

  3. hillary says:

    yep, marimekko covered walkway. oh, if only all walkways were such. I have an idea for a non-sewing project for you. take your fabric and stretch over a wooden frame like you would a canvas and then staple to the back and you can hang your favorite fabrics on your wall as art. I did that in our last apartment with a super cool merimekko print I found at the thrift store. great instant gratification project!
    can you do my knitting too 😉 I’ve totally abandoned it lately. not enough hours in the day!

  4. maia says:

    Thanks for the tip Hillary– I’ve had a Marimekko taped on the wall since I couldn’t get myself to staple it on a frame– but you’re right! It would look really cool/just like on the txtlart website without buying the expensive kit! 🙂

  5. jeanne says:

    where can I get those scrap fabrics you talk about – marimekko? In California.Where is the outlet?

  6. Christina Brine says:

    Don’t despair… here is how you can get cool books for next to nothing.
    Most states have them.
    The Friends of Connecticut Libraries posts an online calendar.
    The dates of each town library booksale is posted.
    You can get fantastic books this way… and help out your local community.
    – Christina

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