Big head kitty

I came across this cutie on craftster. The super crafty Sewing Stars posted a pattern so I had to try it out. It was in Japanese but the diagrams were easy enough to figure out. I picked some funny fabric though… kind of a cross between country kitchen and San-X. Oh well, we needed a new little friend to keep us company. Skinny Bunny and Cashmere Kitty are leaving me this weekend and last weekend I gave the Round Bear to Mom. It’s getting lonely around here. I need to work on my army of wee. Big Head Kitty and I will start production immediately.



7 thoughts on “Big head kitty

  1. rhya says:

    i love it, i love it.
    found your site via rosa.
    i am a doll maker aswell.
    i am itching to give this patter a try, i saw the crafter link as well.
    oh and i really like the asbstract doll you pointed out before.
    love the blog

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